units used by physicists to express the relative volume and density of gases.
   The amagat volume unit is about 22.414 liters per mole (L/mol) or 0.022 414 m3/mol, the volume occupied by a gas at standard temperature (0.01°C) and standard pressure (1 atmosphere). The amagat density unit represents the corresponding relative density, which is equal to one kilomole per standard volume, or 44.615 moles per cubic meter (mol/m3), or 0.044 615 mole per liter (mol/L), again provided the measurement is made at standard temperature and pressure. In general, the ideal gas law shows that the relative density is equal to P/RT, where P is the pressure on the gas, T is the absolute temperature (in kelvins) and R is the universal gas constant, R = 8.314 joules per mole per kelvin. The unit honors the Dutch physicist E. H. Amagat (1841-1915), whose work included the study of gases under pressure.

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