kilogram weight

kilogram weight

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  • kilogram — noun a) In the International System of Units, the base unit of mass; the mass of a specific cylinder of platinum iridium alloy kept at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in France. Symbol: kg b) Hence, the unit of weight su …   Wiktionary

  • weight lifting — n. the athletic exercise or competitive sport of lifting barbells: also written weightlifting weight lifter n. weightlifter * * * Sport in which barbells are lifted competitively or as an exercise. The two main events are (1) the snatch, in which …   Universalium

  • kilogram mole —    , kilogram molecule, kilogram molecular weight (kgmol or kgmole)    various older names for a unit of the amount of a chemical compound. One kilogram mole of a compound is the number of kilograms of the compound equal to the molecular weight… …   Dictionary of units of measurement

  • kilogram — kil‧o‧gram [ˈkɪləgræm] written abbreviation kg noun [countable] a measurement of weight equal to 1,000 gram S * * * kilogram UK US /ˈkɪləʊgræm/ noun [C] (also kilo, ABB …   Financial and business terms

  • Kilogram — Kil o*gram, Kilogramme Kil o*gramme, n. [F. kilogramme; pref. kilo (fr. Gr. chi lioi a thousand ) + gramme. See 3d {Gram}.] A measure of weight, being a thousand grams, equal to 2.2046226 pounds avoirdupois (15,432.34 grains). It is equal to the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Kilogram — Kg redirects here. For other uses, see Kg (disambiguation). Kilogram A computer generated image of the international prototype kilogram (IPK). The IPK is the kilogram. The IPK, which is roughly the size of a golf ball, sits here alongside a ruler …   Wikipedia

  • Weight — This article is about the physical concept. For other uses, see Weight (disambiguation). A spring scale measures the weight of an object (according to the operational definition) …   Wikipedia

  • Kilogram-force — A kilogram force (kgf or kgF), or kilopond (kp, from latin pondus meaning weight), is a gravitational metric unit of force. It is equal to the magnitude of the force exerted by one kilogram of mass in a 9.80665 m/s2 gravitational field… …   Wikipedia

  • kilogram — /kil euh gram /, n. 1. a unit of mass equal to 1000 grams: the base SI unit of mass, equal to the mass of the international prototype of the kilogram, a platinum iridium cylinder kept in Sèvres, France. Abbr.: kg 2. a unit of force and weight,… …   Universalium

  • kilogram — [[t]kɪ̱ləgræm[/t]] kilograms also kilogramme N COUNT: num N, oft N of n A kilogram is a metric unit of weight. One kilogram is a thousand grams, or a thousandth of a metric ton, and is equal to 2.2 pounds. ...a parcel weighing around 4.5… …   English dictionary

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