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Dictionary of units of measurement. 2015.

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  • radiocarbon year — (14C yr, yr BP)    a unit used in stating the nominal ages of plant or animal remains dated by radiocarbon testing. A very small proportion (roughly 1 part per trillion, or 10 12) of the carbon in the ecosystem is radioactive carbon 14, which… …   Dictionary of units of measurement

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  • Huelmo/Mascardi Cold Reversal — The Huelmo/Mascardi Cold Reversal (HMCR) is the name given to a cooling event in South America between 11,400 and 10,200 14C years BP. This cooling began about 550 years before the Younger Dryas cooling in the Northern Hemisphere, and both… …   Wikipedia

  • North Atlantic tropical cyclone — Tracks of Atlantic tropical cyclones (1851 2005) North Atlantic tropical cyclones usually form in the northern hemisphere summer or fall. Tropical cyclones can be categorized by intensity. Tropical storms have one minute maximum sustained winds… …   Wikipedia

  • calendar year — (cal yr)    a civil unit of time, equal to 365 days or (in leap years) 366 days. See year2. In archaeology, climatology, and other sciences studying the earth over the last 40 000 years or so, a careful distinction must be made between calendar… …   Dictionary of units of measurement

  • Atlantic hurricane — An Atlantic hurricane or tropical storm is a tropical cyclone that forms in the North Atlantic Ocean, usually in summer or autumn. Tropical storms have one minute maximum sustained winds of at least 39 mph (34 knots, 17 m/s, 63 km/h), while… …   Wikipedia

  • Tropical cyclone — Hurricane redirects here. For other uses, see Hurricane (disambiguation). Hurricane Isabel (2003) as seen from orbit during Expedition 7 of the International Space Station. The eye, eyewall and surrounding rainbands that are characteristics of… …   Wikipedia

  • Hurricane belt — The hurricane belt is an area in the Atlantic Ocean, including the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, which is prone to hurricanes during the Atlantic hurricane season. The only places in the Caribbean that are not in the hurricane belt are the… …   Wikipedia

  • Тропический циклон — Иное название этого понятия  «Ураган»; см. также другие значения. Ураган Иван над Гренадой 7 се …   Википедия

  • Pacajes — Wiñaymarka Becken des Titicaca See mit Taraco Halbinsel in der Bildmitte und südlich anschließender Tiwanaku Ebene Die Pacajes Kultur war vorherrschende Kultur in der Region am Südrand des Titicaca See in der Zeit von 110 …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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