1. (qtr or Q or Qr)
   a traditional unit of weight equal to 1/4 hundredweight. In Britain, one quarter equals 28 pounds (12.7006 kilograms); in the United States, one quarter equals 25 pounds (11.3398 kilograms). In the U.S., "quarter" is also used informally to mean 1/4 ton, or 500 pounds (226.80 kilograms).
   2. (qtr or Q)
   a civil unit of time equal to 3 months or 1/4 year. The quarter is widely used as a time unit in business and economics. Given the layout of the Gregorian calendar in civil use throughout the world (see year2), the quarter varies in length from 90 to 92 days3 depending on its starting date.
   3. (qtr or Q)
   a unit of angle measure equal to 1/4 circle; another name for a quadrant.
   4. (qtr or Q)
   a unit of angle measure, sometimes used at sea, equal to 1/4 of a compass point (see point1). In this use, a quarter equals 2°48'45" = 2.8125° or pi/64 = 0.049 087 radian.
   5. (qtr or Q)
   a traditional unit of volume used for measuring grain. A quarter of grain is 8 bushels (about 282 liters, based on the U.S. bushel, or 291 liters, based on the British Imperial bushel), presumably because this quantity of grain weighs roughly 1/4 ton. This unit also known traditionally as the seam.
   6. (qtr or Q)
   an informal unit of distance equal to 1/4 mile, 2 furlongs, or 402.336 meters. This unit is used in athletics and horse racing.
   7. (qtr or Q)
   an informal unit of time equal to 1/4 hour or 15 minutes. This unit occurs in informal expressions of time, such as "quarter after 10" for 10:15.
   8. (qtr or Q)
   a unit of relative time used in sports, equal to 1/4 the total playing time of a competition. A quarter is 15 minutes in American football, 12 minutes in professional basketball.
   9. (Q)
   a unit of distance equal to 0.25 millimeter. See Q, above, and point2.
   10. (qtr or Q)
   a unit of distance equal to 1/4 yard or 9 inches (22.86 centimeters). The quarter with this definition was frequently used in cloth measurement in medieval England, and it has continued to be used on occasion down to the present day. In particular, the English ell was often described as being equal to 5 quarters. This unit is identical to the span.

Dictionary of units of measurement. 2015.


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