(fth or fath)
   a traditional unit of distance equal to 2 yards or 6 feet (approximately 1.829 meters). The word comes from the Old English fæthm, meaning "outstretched arms", because a fathom is the distance between a man's outstretched fingertips.
   This is a generic unit that has been used in many cultures since ancient times. Other versions include the Spanish braza, the French brasse and toise, the German klafter, the Danish favn (6.18 feet or 1.88 meters), the Swedish famn (5.84 feet or 1.78 meters) and the Japanese ken. In England, the fathom was a common unit during Saxon times, and it continued to be used for many purposes through the medieval era. In fact, the length of the foot may have been defined, early in the twelfth century, specifically to assure that 1 foot = exactly 1/6 fathom. Today the fathom is used almost exclusively at sea, measuring water depth, the length of ships' cables, etc.

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